How agile is your program?

You’ve started your agile journey. Your teams are agile, but what about the other structures that support them?

Where are their strengths? Where are their opportunities for greatest growth? What benefits has the program delivered to business and stakeholders?

How do we assess program agility?

ZXM’s agile coaches have been assessing agile teams for over a decade. We use assess teams against standards and practices from industry giants like Mike Cohn, Jeff Sutherland, Lisa Adkins, and Jeff Patton, to understand:

  • Is your program working from a single backlog?
  • Does the program visualise its work to make its decisions transparent to stakeholders and teams?
  • Do program leaders also work to a cadence to optimise the flow of work and inspect/adapt cycles?
  • Is governance optimised for optimal delivery of value, or does its Approval and Quality Gates slow everything down?
  • Is the culture embracing of self-organisation or does it reinforce the need for command and control?

Our assessment isn’t just for software teams. We’ve audited whole Design Studio programs, data analysis programs, legal and contract areas.

Our report will give you clarity regarding the strength of the core elements of your agile program, as well as whether these are resulting in improvements to quality, quality transparency and delivery.

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