Whitepaper – Agile Adoption in Government

How can government agencies become agile?

Delivery in government must align to security constraints, be transparent in the spending of public moneys, and have tight governance and control. How, in such an environment, can a public agency make best use of agile frameworks to deliver more with less.

This whitepaper by Zen Ex Machina is aimed at government sector managers and executives and examines:

  • The ANAO’s factors in planning and approving projects as they relate to using Scrum.
  • Why projects using Waterfall are more likely to fail than Agile projects.
  • The benefits/outcomes can be realised through adopting Scrum.
  • How Scrum aligns with Prince2 requirements.
  • How Scrum’s key processes can increase transparency and reduce risk.
  • Impediments to adopting Scrum.

Importantly, this whitepaper articulates how to get started with Scrum, including planning, governance and building requirements.

If you work in government, you can receive your copy of the whitepaper by completing the the following details: